In 2015, Adam Yaw renovated Bellevue College Cheer with the help of the school and Student Programs. In 2016, the team went the all-star route and competed as the program BC Cheer with the team name Bellevue IOC6. At the time, level 6 cheer was the highest level in all-star and reflected their collegiate nature. They became the first level 6 team from Washington to ever compete at the Worlds Cheerleading Championships. More recently, the team has disaffiliated with Bellevue College so that non-students would be welcome to participate as well, effectively making Bellevue Open/Bellevue IOC6 independently owned and operated. In 2019 - with the help of additional coach, Josh Hengesteg - this talented crew earned entry to Worlds once again. They finished 7th overall and top 4 from the U.S., thus ranking and scoring the highest of any team (from any division) from Washington. Now, with level 7 being the new 6, the program and the community eagerly look forward to what lies ahead in 2020-2021.

Director Adam Yaw is a former gymnast who has been coaching all-star cheer for over eleven years. He began his cheerleading career with UW, and continued with the University of Hawai'i, Team USA, Platinum 24k, and was named a 2017 Nfinity Legend. He started working routines with Bellevue in 2015.

About Adam

Adam's nfinity legend submission tape

COach Isaac

Isaac Klausemeyer started tumbling at 7 years old and started all-star at 11 where he was the first male cheerleader at his small gym in Wichita, KS. He then started cheering at Cheer Eclipse on a senior unlimited co-ed 5, as well as coaching tumbling and cheer. At age 20 he moved to Texas and started training at Woodlands Elite to make an international level 5. In 2015 he started working at Tribe Cheer in Moore, OK, coaching tumbling and competing on IOC6. Isaac attended SCU and cheered one year with his college team, competing at Daytona Beach College Nationals. After three years he made the move to Seattle and was lucky enough to meet some great people, and coach the most promising team in the state, Bellevue Baddies!

COach Jason

Jason Harris has been cheering over ten years. One of his favorite skills is whip doubles. He has won both Worlds as an athlete and Summit as a coach. The team is happy to have his help.

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