Tryout info for

2021-2022 coming soon!

Sunday June 6, time and location to be determined

Scholarship opportunities

For the 2021-22 season we are pleased to offer some need- and merit-based scholarships for the first time. Applications will be turned in after tryouts, and decisions will be made at least two weeks prior to any choreography and/or setting the roster of who is in the routine.

(Details of what the scholarships cover and how many, coming soon.)

Please submit an essay that answers the following:

- What does cheerleading mean to you?

- Why do you want to be a part of Bellevue IOC7?

- How will this scholarship help you / Why do you need it?

There is no length requirement on the essay. We *might* also request 1040 tax return forms of the athlete and/or their family. Essays are to be emailed to Coach Adam. 

Scholarship results are to be kept confidential. No one outside of your immediate family really needs to know your determination. For example, please do NOT post the receipt of any scholarship on social media. Thank you for your understanding.

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